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Is this photo of the Dodgers' Matt Beaty soaked in ketchup, mustard and nacho cheese a sandwich?

I have a friend -- let's call him Anthony -- who I've jokingly called the "Condiment King" over the years because it seems he puts every condiment possible on anything he eats.

Hot sauce, pepper, soy sauce, more hot sauce, anything he can get his hands on gets doused on his food. I bring him up because I feel like I have to let him know that he's no longer the Condiment King. That prestigious title goes to Dodgers first baseman Matt Beaty now.

This all happened just four pitches into Wednesday's Mets-Dodgers game in Los Angeles. Just like that, Beaty's pristine, crisp white Dodgers uniform was relegated to a makeshift napkin.

As for that fan's Dodger Dog and/or plate of nachos ... well, I guess it's time for another trek up to the concession stand or vendor to come by.

And I can't end this piece without noting that I don't care if you think ketchup doesn't belong on a hot dog. Ketchup and mustard complement each other well. They're also primary colors that look kind of neat on a white baseball jersey, too, so who's to judge?