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I can only admire the efforts of this seagull trying to fly away with a Coliseum hot dog

Who doesn't love a nice, juicy hot dog at a baseball game? To me, there's really no better place to enjoy one. It just doesn't feel right anywhere else. It turns out that seagulls agree with me. Well, at least one seagull does, anyway.

As the A's and Angels battled in the top of the 10th inning on Wednesday afternoon at the Coliseum, a seagull spotted a loose hot dog on the field and declared "Finders, keepers." It looked pretty tasty, so why not?

Unfortunately, the hot dog proved to be a bit more than the bird could handle, and it struggled to carry it away:

A noble effort, at the very least.

The hot dog sadly came apart mid-air, and the seagull had to settle for just a portion of it. Thankfully, it looks like he (or a friend) came back for the rest:

You have to love the hustle. They're really leaving it all out there on the field.

The baseball's pretty good, too.

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