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D-backs Baseball Academy Pro-Tips give coaches and parents the opportunity to learn techniques to teach youth the fundamentals of baseball. Content covered includes team administration, D-backs coaching philosophy, practice, organization/management, game management/strategy and an overview of basic fundamentals. Please check back to learn more about the next youth coaching seminar.

DBA: Coaching Tip from 3B Coach
DBA Pro-Tip: Reading the Pitcher
DBA - Shoulder & Elbow Exercises
Improving the throw to first
DBA Pro-Tip: Slope Drill
DBA Pro Tip - Catching Position
D-backs Academy: Two-Tee Drill
D-backs Baseball Academy: Grip
Athletic position
Part 2: Catching the ball
Bunting with Matt Williams
Baserunning Basics
Scoring from second
DBA Coaching Tip - Nate Shaw
DBA - Starting Pitcher Routine
DBA - Pregame Batting Routines
Pitching with Mike Morgan
Rapid Fire Catching Drill
DBA Pro Tip - Throwing to second
DBA Pro-Tip: 7 Ball Drill
DBA Pro-Tip #2: Step Back Drill
Infield tips
Team defense
Bonus hitting tips
Basics of throwing
Base stealing
Two-Strike Approach
DBA - Glove Exercise
DBA - Core Exercises
D-backs Academy Intro
DBA on hitting
Hitting-Screen Drill
DBA Pro-Tip #3
DBA Pro Tip-Fundamentals
Part 1: Catching the ball
Hitting approach
Catching basics
Running from first to third