MLB Diversity Fellowship Program Fellow Testimonials

Amanda Brady, New York Yankees

"The Diversity Fellowship program has allowed me to grow in so many ways both professionally and personally. It has allowed me to gain valuable experience around some of the game's best minds while learning new technical skills, improving my communication skills, and growing my professional network. Being a minority in a Front Office has given me the opportunity to provide a unique perspective and taught me to be confident in my beliefs. I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by coworkers who don't define me by my gender but value my opinions while helping me continue to grow and develop."

Jason Davis, New York Mets

"I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that has been provided to me through the MLB Diversity Fellowship Program. As a former college player, this program has afforded me the chance to stay around the game that I love. Being able to step into the front office setting of a Major League organization is a surreal experience, one with great challenges and rewards. I have access to an outstanding support system, both with my club and at the MLB office, and they all want to see me succeed. This is a great program for individuals with a passion for the game, an eagerness to learn, and a desire to do what it takes to make their organization successful. I hope to work in baseball for a long time, and I know the lessons and experiences of this program will go a long way towards me being able to achieve my goal."

Alex Lorenzo, Arizona Diamondbacks

"Since I began my involvement in MLB's Diversity Pipeline Program, I have gained access to a wealth of information and experiences that come with working in this industry. The contacts and relationships you create throughout the process have allowed me to establish a solid network to build upon as I continue my career. The orientation at the office of Major League Baseball was extremely helpful in establishing a base of information to build upon as the members will begin or continue their roles within the industry with their respective organizations. I think I can speak on behalf of all the fellows in saying that the Mentorship part of the program has been a great benefit to us all. It currently is and will continue to be a vital aspect in the continued success of the fellows. Being assigned to a mentor allowed me to have someone to lean on when I had questions on certain aspects of the job and allowed me to understand my current position within my own organization. Being a part of this program is a great honor and I am excited to represent the Diversity Pipeline Program in the coming years."

Maggie O'Hara, Detroit Tigers

"The most impactful part of the Diversity Fellowship Program in my mind has been the unique opportunity to connect with other likeminded individuals across the league and within the league office. We had the opportunity to gather at the league office in NYC to connect with one another as well as to learn from those in the league office as well as execs across teams. This is a truly coveted resource to have at this stage of our career as we are now have a deeper network than many other entry level baseball operation folks."

Cristian Perez, Office of the Commissioner

"The Diversity Fellowship afforded me the unique opportunity to join the Office of the Commissioner in New York. Aside from my direct responsibilities within the international amateur signing system as a first-year fellow, I was exposed to other areas of the league office's reach - including on-field operations, labor relations and salary arbitration.

I am proud to have been part of the first class of fellows and look forward to a continued relationship with my cohort as well as my coworkers at Major League Baseball. As I embark on a new journey with the Cincinnati Reds, I will value my experiences and the relationships I forged as a fellow at the Office of the Commissioner."

Michael Landestoy, Pittsburgh Pirates

"The MLB Diversity Pipeline has provided me with the opportunity to experience the dynamics of a Major League front office. Through this program's multifaceted exposure, I have been provided unique insight within the Pittsburgh Pirates organization. It has allowed me to embed myself with the personnel, culture, and purpose of the team. Through the MLB Diversity Pipeline, I have been molded to continually self-improve, learn and adapt, while being selfless, bringing relentless competitive energy to the workplace and continuously striving for excellence. This program allows me to strive for my goals, but at the same time become a student of the different aspects that comprise the game of Baseball.

The objective of the diversity pipeline has helped create a different and unique perspective that has provided new thoughts, backgrounds, and experiences to the workplace of a Major League organization. This experience has by far been my most significant learning curve, as well as my most substantial period of personal growth as a professional. The Pittsburgh Pirates has become more than just a place I work, through my experiences and their investment in me, they have become family."

Diversity Fellowship Program Club Testimonials

James Click, Vice President, Baseball Operations, Tampa Bay Rays

"The Tampa Bay Rays are proud to host our Fellows, not only because of the viewpoints, ideas, and talent that they bring, but because the program gives us another opportunity to advance baseball's critical conversation about diversity and inclusion. A wide variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and thoughts is central to the Rays' culture of innovation, a key pillar of our continued success. This Diversity Fellowship Program is a direct answer to the call to action we all need to heed. We are thankful for the doors that this program has opened to deserving individuals so far and we are grateful for the opportunity to participate, both now and in the future."

Matt Forman, Assistant GM, Cleveland Indians

"The Diversity Fellowship Program, under Tyrone Brooks' leadership, provides a great platform for candidates to learn, grow and develop into the leaders of tomorrow. Major League Baseball, with the support of its clubs throughout the game, is committed to making the sport increasingly diverse. We're excited to see the impact of programs like the Diversity Fellowship Program and watch successful candidates flourish.

Zack Rosenthal, Assistant GM/Assistant Counsel, Colorado Rockies

"The MLB Diversity Fellowship Program has been extremely successful creating opportunity within our game for many talented young people to get a foot in the door and embark upon a career in baseball. Many times, the most difficult hurdle in building a solid professional foundation in baseball is finding where points of entry exist. MLB's focus on creating entry level opportunity for diverse candidates in our front offices has created an influx of exciting future leaders that has already strengthened the future of our sport and will undoubtedly impact its success in the short- and long-term. Fellows have the unique opportunity of exposure to many different aspects of front office work and because of their abilities can impact their new club in short order."

Jay Sartori, Senior Director, Baseball Analytics/Operations, Detroit Tigers

"Our organization, and in particular our department, is proud to participate in and benefit from the Major League Baseball Diversity Fellowship Program. MLB has done a great job of encouraging clubs to explore a talent pool that is historically underrepresented in front offices across baseball, which is a very important initiative. Baseball is a diverse community, and we feel it's important to mirror this quality in order to create an inclusive and innovative work environment for all."

Jean Afterman, Senior VP/Assistant GM, New York Yankees

"The Commissioner's Diversity Pipeline Program engaged its first round of Fellows in 2018, and of course, the Yankees were one of the teams to participate. Major League Baseball spent a lot of time putting together a large and diverse-in-its-diversity group of potential candidates. Most everyone in our Baseball Operations Office was engaged in interviewing our final candidates. We spent a lot of time discussing each candidate. It was important for us to find someone who could rotate throughout Baseball Operations - spending time in New York and in Tampa where our Player Development and Amateur and International Scouting Departments are located. By the end of her Fellowship, our Fellow will have been exposed to, and worked within, every department within Baseball Operations. This provides the Fellow with a unique skill set and one that can translate to other MLB organizations."