2022 Inductees

Elan Elias – Convent High School, Class of 2026

Kaden Maxey – Rise University Prep, Class of 2026

Selam Aklilu – Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, Class of 2024

Khalil Cohen – Academy of Arts & Sciences, Class of 2024

Rikki Norris – June Jordan School for Equity, Class of 2024

2021 Inductees - Inaugural Class

Arianna Cade - Lowell High School, Class of 2025

Ryan Coleman - Mission High School, Class of 2025

Tigotae Brakey - City Arts And Technology High School, Class of 2023

Jermaine Fulgham - Mission High School, Class of 2023

Jazmine Keel - Mission High School, Class of 2023


The Willie Mays Scholarship makes college aspirations come true for San Francisco’s Black youth and empowers them to pursue their goals to achieve success in high school, college and beyond.


In San Francisco, only 31% of the Black population (age 25+) attain a bachelor’s degree, compared to 74% of the white population. The Willie Mays Scholars program will help address racial and educational inequities by providing additional opportunities for Black youth in San Francisco to prepare for, attend, and succeed in college.


Beginning in Fall 2021, five Scholars will be inducted annually and receive a Scholarship of up to $20,000 as part of $70,000 worth of support through high school and college that includes hands-on mentoring and tailored wraparound support services.


This is a needs-based scholarship available to Black 9th and 11th grade students living in San Francisco. The Giants Community Fund will post the application online and collaborate with schools and community partners to recruit and identify eligible candidates. Applications will be reviewed by a diverse committee of Giants Community Fund staff, Board of Directors and community partners.


  • Career planning and opportunities within the Giants Front Office
  • Academic programming and holistic support from education and life skills experts: 100% College Prep and Alive & Free
  • College tours to local and Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  • Annual financial planning to ensure Scholars graduate with as little debt as possible
  • Special recognition and events at Oracle Park
  • Tutoring, study groups and homework assistance during high school
  • College preparation courses and educational workshops aligning with SFUSD’s standards and curriculum
  • Family meetings that promote nurturing, motivation and renewal


The Giants Community Fund will bring together a support team to overcome the barriers that Black students in San Francisco face. With the full assistance of Alive & Free and 100% College Prep, the Willie Mays Scholars will be equipped to succeed, through college and beyond.


  • 100% of scholars reported that they feel less anxious/more confident about applying for college
  • 100% of scholars reported that they are now more likely to attend college
  • 100% of scholars reported that they feel confident in paying for college
  • 100% of scholars reported that they feel like they have a community of support on their educational journey
  • 100% of scholars reported that they have met one or more mentors that can help them throughout high school and college
  • 100% of scholars reported that they feel more connected to the SF Giants because of the program