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Giants Job Opportunities

One of the oldest teams in Major League Baseball, the San Francisco Giants are dedicated to enriching our community through innovation and excellence on and off the field. During this decade, the organization has won three World Series Championships, made four playoff appearances and thrown four no-hitters. Off the field, the Giants have become internationally-renowned as a host to entrepreneurial and premier entertainment events. Celebrating 60 years in San Francisco this season, the organization is entrenched in the Bay Area community as the Giants work with corporate and non-profit partners to raise awareness, educate and generate interest in a variety of issues important to both their fans and the local community.  

At the Giants, we strive to foster an inclusive work environment that encompasses the rich diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area, the place we call home. We offer many exciting opportunities in a variety of career paths ranging from full-time, part-time and internship positions and are committed to seeking the most-qualified candidates who are passionate and dedicated to enriching our community.

San Francisco Baseball Association LLC seeks a Sports Science Analyst for its Scottsdale, Arizona location.

Duties: Research and provide analysis on players to support medical training, and player development staff. Collaborate with medical and training staffs to integrate performance tracking information into the sports science, injury prevention, and training programs. Utilize machine learning to build predictive models using R and Python to assess player fatigue and injury risk. Collect and analyze player biometric tracking data using SQL across major league and minor league affiliates. Analyze and report on sports science data to optimize player performance and minimize injury risk. Build tools utilizing R, Python, and SQL to analyze in-game ball and player tracking. Conduct research on historical player physiological data to improve medial assessments and assess existing processes to optimize player rehabilitation. Analyze biomechanical data to provide feedback to player movement patterns. Assist in the design and development of a new baseball research laboratory as well as explore and vet new technologies such as marker-less motion capture systems, bat sensors, and pitcher sleeves. Implement Programs to utilize technologies.

Requirements: Requires a Master’s degree, or foreign equivalent, in Physiological Science, Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Physical Therapy, Physical Education or a closely related field and 1 year of employment or academic experience in the baseball industry, athletic science/research or a closely related field. 1 year of experience must include: Programming languages, including Python, SQL, R; Predictive modeling and machine learning using R and Python; Data analysis using biomechanical data; Operating sports science implementation, including wearable technology and motion capture; Exercise science, exercise physiology, biomechanics, motor control, and neurophysiology in human performance; and Identification and analysis of athlete performance and injury prevention. To apply, email resume to [email protected] and reference job number FBO70019 in subject line of email. San Francisco Baseball Association LLC is an EOE Employer.