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The Official Site of the San Francisco Giants

Giants Seat License Marketplace

The Giants Seat License Marketplace makes it SAFE and EASY for you to find and purchase Charter Seat Licenses.

In the Marketplace, you will find a:

  • Charter Seat Licenses page where you can view and make offers on the Charter Seat Licenses that sellers have listed for sale.
  • Charter Seat License Info page where you can read about the transfer process and other details about the Giants Charter Seat Licenses.
  • Sales Data page where you can download historical sales prices for FREE once you're a registered user.
  • Seating Chart page where you can view the seating chart for AT&T Park.

Buyer Guide

View Charter Seat Licenses for Sale

In The Marketplace, you can view the Charter Seat Licenses for sale, as well as specific information about the Giants Charter Seat Licenses and transfer process. Once you register an account, you can also download historical sales data for FREE.

Make an Offer on a Listing

In order to make an offer on a listing, you must first create an account. After you click the Make Offer button next to the listing, you will be able to review your offer and the Giants Seat License Marketplace Transaction Fee before you submit it. This fee is calculated as 5% of the offer amount with a minimum of $250 and is due when you submit payment.

Seller Accepts Your Offer

The seller has 48 hours to accept or reject your offer before it expires. You will receive an email once any action is taken on your offer. If the seller rejects your offer, then the seller can send you a counter offer (you cannot act on the counter offer - it is for information only).

Agree on Terms of the Ticket Sale

Once the seller accepts your offer, we will get agreement between you and the seller on the terms of sale for the 2010 season tickets. Any transaction regarding the tickets (including payment for the tickets and delivery of the tickets) will be arranged between you and the seller during the transfer based on the agreed-upon terms-- we do not handle the ticket part of the transaction.

Buyer Pays the Giants Seat License Marketplace

Once we have agreement between you and the seller on the terms of the ticket sale, we will email you the payment instructions. You will then be required to pay us the offer amount plus the transaction fee. We only accept wire transfers. We do not accept credit cards or checks because of the high merchant fees and the potential for chargebacks and bounced checks by fraudulent buyers. We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope you understand.

Complete the Transfer with the Giants

Once we receive your payment, we will email you and the seller the transfer instructions and each other's contact information. You and the seller can then complete the seat license transfer. You and the seller can also arrange the ticket transaction at this time (if applicable). The San Francisco Giants have waived their normal $200 transfer fee for all transactions using the Giants Seat License Marketplace.

The Giants Seat License Marketplace Pays the Seller

Once you and the seller have completed the transfer, we will verify with the Giants that your transfer is complete. We will then send the seller a check.