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Amanda Kershaw

Phone: 415-972-2103

Email: [email protected]

Birthplace: Santa Clara

Joined the Giants: 2008

Favorite all-time Giant: Robby Thompson

Favorite Baseball Movie Legend: Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez

Favorite Ballpark Moment: Walking out of the tunnel at my first game at Oracle Park. My dad & I sat in the View Reserve; I was in love with Oracle Park at that very moment.

Kevin Huey

Phone: 415-972-2124

Email: [email protected]

Birthplace: Pleasanton, CA

Joined the Giants: 2022

If I were a Giant, I would play: Outfield

Favorite Ballpark Moment: My first Giants game against the Rockies…also watching Barry Bonds hit #756.

Favorite Baseball Movie: Field of Dreams and The Sandlot

Greg Collier

Manages: Blue Shield Field Club & Dugout Club

Phone:: 415-972-2270

Email: [email protected]

Birthplace: Syracuse, NY

Joined the Giants: 2010

If I were a Giant, I would play: Pitcher

Favorite Ballpark Moment: Game 2 of 2010 World Series when “Lights” was played

Day or night game: Day/night doubleheader

Favorite Giants broadcaster: Mr. Kuiper

Jon Brown

Manages: Alaska Airlines Club Level 202-216

Phone: 415-972-2137

Email: [email protected]

Birthplace: Berkeley, CA

Joined the Giants: 2023

If I were a Giant, I would play: Centerfield

Favorite Ballpark Moment: Opening Day 2005

Favorite Baseball Movie: Angels in the Outfield

Nicole Bailey

Manages: Alaska Airlines Club Level 217-228

Phone: 415-972-2134

Email: [email protected]

Birthplace: Scottsdale, AZ

Joined the Giants: 2022

If I were a Giant, I would play: Third Base

Favorite Ballpark Moment: The countless memories made with friends at the ballpark.

Favorite Baseball Movie: The Sandlot

Greg Marinec

Manages: Lower Box Sections 122-135 and Spring Training

Phone: 415-972-2242

Email: [email protected]

Birthplace: Burlingame

Joined the Giants: 1997

If I were a Giant, I would play: Catcher

Favorite Ballpark Moment: The raising of the 2010 World Championship Banner

Favorite restaurant in San Francisco: Tadich Grill. All about tradition.

Favorite Baseball Movie: Field of Dreams - ‘Wanna have a catch?’

Margo Allen Malone

Manages: Lower Box Sections 101-121

Phone: 415-972-2133

Email: [email protected]

Birthplace: Oakland

Joined the Giants: 2000

M.L. Service: 29+ years

Favorite Giants Broadcaster: Lon Simmons

Favorite Ballpark Moment:Opening Day 2010, pregame was surreal & magical… players walking out from centerfield created a Field of Dreams tableau.

Favorite baseball movie: Field of Dreams & Sandlot…both classics that make me cry. There is crying in baseball!

Favorite Baseball Quote: “They’ll watch the game and it’ll be as if they dipped themselves in magic waters. The memories will be so thick that they’ll have to brush them away from their faces”. (Terence Mann in Field of Dreams)

Cindy Hernandez

Manages: View Box & View Reserve

Phone: 415-972-2147

Email: [email protected]

Birthplace: Mountain View

Joined the Giants: 2000

If I were a Giant, I would play: Pitcher

Favorite Ballpark Moment:Opening Day 2000, and 2010 ticker-tape parade and two more that followed!

Favorite Ballpark Meal: Crazy Crab Sando Carvery, Garlic Fries - all of it and more!

Best Place to hang out before a game: Anywhere facing the field

Javier Padilla

Manages: Rookie Season Ticket Members, Bleacher and Arcade

Phone: 415-972-2136

Email: [email protected]

Birthplace: San Francisco

If I were a Giant, I would play: 3rd base

Favorite Ballpark Moment: Opening Day in 2017. It was my first as an employee of the Giants and being in the field for the ceremonies was incredible!

Favorite Baseball Movie: Rookie of the Year

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