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Samsung | Requirements

System Requirements:

MLB.TV or MLB.TV Single Team Subscription

Supported Models:

2019 Models:


2018 Models (US):

QNXXQ9F, QNXXQ8F, QNXXQ7C, QNXXQ7F, QNXXQ6, UNXXNU8500, UNXXNU850, UNXXNU8000, UNXXNU800, UNXXNU7300, UNXX730, UNXX7200, UNXX7100, UNXX710, UNXX7090, UNXX5510, UNXX5500, UNXX5350, UNXX5300, UNXX4500, UNXX4350, UNXX4310

2017 Models:

M6300, M5600, M5520, M5510, M5500, M5300, M4500, BD-MM95C, BD-MM95, BD-MM90C, BD-MM90, BD-MM85C, BD-MM85, BD-M9500B, BD-M9500, BD-M9000B, BD-M9000, BD-M8500B, BD-M8500, QMS9Y, QMQS9, QMQ9F, QMQ8C, QMQ7FD, QMQ7F, QMQ7C, MUF31E, MUF30E, MU9000, MU850D, MU8500, MU800D, MU8000, MU7600, MU7500, MU70A0, MU7000, MU66A0, MU650D, MU6500, MU64A0, MU6470, MU6400, MU6320, MU6310, MU630D, MU6300, MU6000, MLS003, MU6100

2016 Models:

K6550, K6500, K6300, K6250, K6200, K5600, K5520, K5510, K5500, K5300, K5300, K5100, K4300 KU6350, KU630D, KU6300, KU6290, KU6270, KU6050, KU6000, BD-KM85C, BD-KM85, BD-K8500, KU750D, KU7500, KU700D, KU7000, KU66A0, KU6600, KU6510, KU650D, KU6500, KU64A0, KU649D, KU6490, KU6400, KS9810, KS9800, KS950D, KS9500, KS900D, KS9000, KS850D, KS8500, KS800D, KS8000, KS7500, KS7000

2015 Models:

TE390S, S9F, LS001U, LS001F, J6520, J6500, J6400, J6360, J6330, J630D, J6300, J6240, J6203, J6200, J5550, J5520, J5510, J5500, S9A, LS001H, JU8000, JU7800, JU7700, JU7500, JU710D, JU7100, JU7090, JU7000, JU6900, JU6800, JU6750, JU6740, JU670D, JU6700, JU6600, JU6510, JU650D, JU6500, JU645D, JU641D, JU6410, JU640D, JU6401, JU6400, JU639D, JU6390, JU6300, JU6150, JU6100, JU6000, JU5920, JU5910, JU5900, JS8600, JS850D, JS8500, JS8000, JS7200, JS700D, JS7000, JS6900, JS6700, JS6000, JS9900, JS9800, JS9500, JS9100, JS9000, J5373, J5370, J5303, J5300, J5270, J525D, J520D, J5205, J5200, J5003, J5000, J4300, J400D, J4000

2014 Models:

HU7000, HU6900, HU6000, HU5900, H6700, H6600, H6510, H6500, H7150, H7100, H7000, H6410, H6400, H6350, H6300, H6200, H6030, H5570, H5500, H4570, H4500, HT-H7750WM, HT-H7730WM, HT-H7500WM, HT-H6550WM, HT-H6550WK, HT-H6500WM, BD-HM65, BD-H8909, BD-H8900, BD-H8509, BD-H8500, BD-H6500, S9VCN, S9V, S9CN, PE8500, HU9800, HU9000, HU8700, HU8550, HU8500, HU7500, H8800, H8000, H6203, H5303, H4303

2013 Models:

PF5500, PF5200, HT-Fxxxx series, F7200, F7150, F7120, F7100, F6800, F6400, F6400, F6350 F6300, F5500F5000, F4500, BD-FM59, BD-F8909, BD-F8900, BD-F8509, BD-F8500, BD-F7500, BD-F6909, BD-F6900, BD-F6700, BD-F5900, S9C, S9C, S9, PF8500, F9500, F9000, F8500, F8200, F8000B, F8000, F7550, F7500F7450, F7400, F7050, F7000


Most recent Samsung firmware required. Please check on your Samsung Device for firmware updates.


Dedicated connection of 3000 Kbps


Available Worldwide (Excluding Japan, South Korea, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam)