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Scholarship for Continuing Education/Vocational Training

College Scholarship Plan (CSP)/ Continuing Education Program (CEP)

We recommend you review your first professional baseball contract. Your Club may have provided you with a College Scholarship Plan (CSP) or Continuing Education Program (CEP) funds to help you attend an institution that offers training for personal and professional development. A CSP provision would allow you to attend a university or college, provided your studies are in pursuit of an undergraduate degree. A CEP provision would, in addition to these options, help you attend a vocational training school and/or pursue a postgraduate degree. 

CSP and CEP funding may be used in the United States or abroad when the foreign organization or institution is accredited by a body that is deemed to meet U.S. Department of Education standards. There is a two-year window to commence studies after you stop playing.

For additional information about your eligibility, please visit: If you have general questions about the CSP or the CEP, please contact Rich Hunt at; 212-931-7848.

Baseball Assistance Team (B.A.T) Scholarship Fund

The Baseball Assistance Team (B.A.T) may also be a resource to help players with the cost burden (living expenses and tuition-related costs) for continuing their education. Go to the Baseball Assistance Team Scholarship Application to learn more.