PDP League athletes will take part in the most dynamic, development-centered experience in sports today throughout the event, engaging in individualized strength, conditioning and wellness training, on-field instruction, competitive game play, MLB Club seminars, educational exposures, guest speakers and workshops.

While the league will include the best competition ever seen in amateur baseball, there will be as much emphasis placed on dedicated practice and skill development time as there will be competitive games. This approach further emphasizes MLB and USA Baseball’s commitment to the continued growth and development of the athlete during league exposure.

PDP League participating athletes will be exposed to the most current sports science and technologically based development tools including, but not limited to:

  • The most comprehensive athletic assessment experience of all major sports today
  • Practice and in-game Swing and Ball Flight Analysis technologies
  • Video capture and one on one breakdown and analysis
  • Individual skill-work and development with MLB/NCAA coaches
  • Personalized strength training and recovery programs
  • Personalized nutrition and meal assignment

Staff & Club, College Inclusion

Administrative Staff

The PDP League administrative staff will consist of Major League Baseball and USA Baseball staff supporting the league’s strategic vision while providing daily logistical oversight.

On-Field Staff

On-field staff will include MLB Club personnel, Team USA national team coaches and additional professional and collegiate coaches, trainers and scouts.

Athlete Wellness

Providing all participating athletes with an environment that puts their well-being first is one of the founding principles for which the PDP League was created. The league will provide a centralized home that focuses on:

  • Overall workload
  • Proper amounts of down time and rest
  • Recovery management and support
  • Established routines for development
  • Monitoring of heat and hydration

Medical Support

A team of Certified Athletic Trainers and Strength and Conditioning personnel will be on-site for the PDP League.

Classroom Sessions

Development doesn’t stop beyond the foul lines. Pulling content, curriculum and expertise from MLB’s Rookie Development Program and USA Baseball’s National Team Development Programs, the league will prioritize the growth of the individual first and the athlete second. Classroom sessions will include:

  • Leadership classes
  • Using and interacting with social media
  • Nutritional dos and don’ts
  • High profile guest speakers


Without question, advancements in sporting technologies are changing the way our Clubs approach the game and the way athletes develop within it. The league will utilize cutting edge technology to supplement traditional methods of player development, including areas like:

  • Ball flight
  • Swing analysis
  • Sports vision
  • High-speed video capture
  • Athletic assessments


The PDP League will be supported 24/7 by a member of Major League Baseball’s Resident Security Agency program during the duration of the league, with additional support being provided by USA Baseball if necessary.