Coaching Your Child

It is important to understand that how you coach your child could play a huge role in his/her life, and could become difficult at times.

There is a tough barrier to break between being too easy on your child and being too tough. Your child shouldn't be treated any different than the other kids on the team. Hold him/her accountable and set the same standards for your child as you do for every other athlete on the team. Have your child refer to you as "Coach" on the field. Make sure your child understands that you are a parent off the field, but a coach to him/her and many others on the field.

Take into consideration the fairness and versatility of the other athletes. Refrain from having your child play one position and allow them to be as versatile as the other athletes. Be sure that your child is receiving the same guidance and character development as his/her teammates.

Softball is so much more than just a game! There will be life lessons and memories that last a lifetime. Ensure your child experiences them and enjoys them. You will always be their parent, but being their coach is temporary.