2015 Bobby Murcer Award Presentations

Named after the former B.A.T. Chairman who introduced the Spring Training Fundraising Tour, the award is presented annually to the AL and NL teams whose players commit the most amount of resources to B.A.T. Bobby was a legend on and off the field. His compassion for others and strong will to do the right thing was exemplified as a member of the B.A.T. Board of Directors. His role in life was that of service and that is why the award is his namesake.

Erik Nilsen, Director of B.A.T. and Bobby's widow, Kay Murcer, presented the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Detroit Tigers with the 2015 Bobby Murcer Awards.

Kay Murcer reflected upon the presentations:

"It had been 30 years since I last attended a game at Dodger Stadium, so it was with great anticipation that I was to present Bobby's award to Don Mattingly and the Dodgers in April of the 2015 season. The Dodger dogs are still great! The team rallied to an exciting victory and I was happy to see B.A.T. showcased with such a positive on-field production. Thanks, Dodgers, Bobby would be so pleased by your continued support!

"Brad Ausmus accepted the Murcer trophy at Comerica Park on behalf of the Tigers later in the summer. It was Detroit's first time to lead the American League in B.A.T. support, and I was honored to hand it over to Brad, and get my first glimpse of their beautiful ballpark. I was reminded of Bobby's Mud Hens' playing days by many of the Tigers fans. Thanks, Detroit, for the love and B.A.T. support!"

B.A.T. is proud to announce the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Detroit Tigers as the recipients of the 2016 Bobby Murcer Awards, and will make pregame presentations during the 2016 season to honor those clubs.