Frequently Asked Questions

Grant Applications

Q. Who is eligible?

A. Any person is eligible for assistance from B.A.T. if he or she:

  • Has at least one day of service as an MLB player
  • Has at least two years of service with one of the following groups:
  • Major League manager, coach or athletic trainer
  • Minor League player, manager, coach or athletic trainer
  • Negro League player
  • Scout
  • MLB or MiLB umpire
  • Women's League of Professional Baseball
  • MLB or MiLB front office employee
  • Part-time clubhouse employee with an MLB club
  • Former MLBPA employee
  • Is a widow, widower or child, 23 years of age or younger, of any eligible person

Q. What does B.A.T. assist with?

A. Each grant application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Grants may be awarded for needs such as:

  • Addiction recovery treatment
  • Food & household necessities
  • Housing
  • Medical expenses
  • Funeral expenses
  • Health insurance & prescriptions
  • Financial education
  • Career transition & vocational training certifications

Q. What is the average duration and average amount of a grant?

A. The length and amount of each grant is determined on a case-by-case basis, as determined by need.

Q. I am eligible based on B.A.T.'s guidelines. Can B.A.T. assist my extended family member?

A. Based on B.A.T.'s guidelines, extended family members do not qualify. However, anyone can submit an application for consideration.

Q. How do I submit a grant?

A. Please complete our pre-screen survey here.

Q. How does B.A.T. submit payments?

A. For payments with invoices, B.A.T. pays vendors directly. For household necessities, B.A.T. can issue a debit card for use at grocery stores, gas stations, etc.

Scholarship Applications

Q. Am I eligible for the scholarship grant?

A. You are eligible for a grant if you are a former Major League player with at least one (1) day of Major League service as a player or a former Minor League player with at least two (2) full seasons of service as a player with a Minor League club that was a member of the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues. The scholarship grants are awarded on a need basis.

Q. How do I apply?

A. Please complete our pre-screen survey here.

Q. How long does a scholarship grant last?

A. Scholarship grants will not exceed one academic or program year. If you are seeking additional scholarship assistance, you must comply with the requirements set forth in the Scholarship Program Guidelines and complete a continued assistance application.

Q. What are the qualifications for scholarship assistance beyond one year?

A. You may seek additional assistance beyond an initial one-year grant by filling out an assistance application and complying with the requirements set forth in the Scholarship Program Guidelines. In support of a continued assistance request, you will be asked to provide attendance and academic records for the past award(s) and demonstrate that you are in good standing with the applicable institution or program.

Q. What programs do the scholarships cover? Does B.A.T. specify a degree program?

A. Scholarships may be applied to accredited educational institutions or vocational programs, including online programs. In addition, Major League Baseball and Northeastern University partner in establishing Northeastern as the preferred education provider of Major League Baseball. For more information on the university and programs offered, please visit:

B.A.T. does not require or specify any particular degree program or concentration. B.A.T. does, however, recommend that applicants apply to FAFSA ( to receive a federal student aid package, if eligible. Questions regarding an applicant's available/remaining funds under the College Scholarship Plan (CSP) or Continuing Education Program (CEP) administered by Major League Baseball can be directed to Rich Hunt, Sr. Director of Retirement Services, at [email protected].

Q. If I am awarded a scholarship grant, does that mean I automatically qualify for other grant awards?

A. No, B.A.T.'s grant application and scholarship application are completely separate and both need to be completed if an applicant wants to be considered for both types of assistance.