B.A.T. saved my life.

I was in a very dark place of my life a few years ago. I was very sick, un-employable along with having very little cash flow to support myself. My medical and prescription expenses were over 80% of my income. My home and daily expenses were another 20%. Over all, my expenses exceeded my income so I had to use my savings, pensions e.g. to stay a float.

Then I was blessed with finding out about the B.A.T. program. The entire team helped me find hope. Erik Nilsen, Michelle Fucich, Vladimir Cruz and my sponsor Sam McDowell and now Tim McDowell led me to survival again. I can't forget the people on the Board and behind the scenes. I was always treated with the utmost respect and care from everyone! Without B.A.T., I know I would off been without doctors, medicine and shelter. B.A.T. made it possible through very helpful grants, to get me on my feet again in all aspects of my life. Words cannot express the gratitude and respect I have for everyone and the program. B.A.T. will forever be in my prayers.

Thanks to all,
Michael A. Baldy

I want to thank B.A.T. for helping me with my shoulder rehabilitation. Without your help, it would not have been possible. I feel physically and emotionally better. Thank you for being willing to help us and not abandon us during these difficult stages that we go through as former professional players.

– Gabriel Sosa