2016 Bobby Murcer Award Presentations

Named after the former B.A.T. Chairman who introduced the Spring Training Fundraising Tour, the award is presented annually to the AL and NL teams whose players commit the most resources to B.A.T. Bobby was a legend on and off the field. His compassion for others and strong will to do the right thing were exemplified as a member of the B.A.T. Board of Directors. His role in life was that of service and that is why the award is his namesake.

Director of B.A.T. Erik Nilsen, B.A.T. Board Member Mark Letendre, Bobby Murcer's son, Todd Murcer and Bobby Murcer's grandson, Jackson Murcer presented the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Detroit Tigers with the 2016 Bobby Murcer Awards. Manager Brad Ausmus accepted the award on behalf of the Tigers organization and manager Chip Hale accepted the award on behalf of the Diamondbacks organization.

B.A.T. Board Member Mark Letendre reflected upon the presentation with the Arizona Diamondbacks:

"I was honored to represent the B.A.T. Board of Directors to recognize the Arizona Diamondbacks with the Bobby Murcer Award. The late Joe Garagiola Sr., a founding member of B.A.T., who passed away in March, was certainly looking down with a proud smile for his beloved Diamondbacks! The Baseball Assistance Team continues to provide members of the Baseball Family with the assistance they may need if life becomes challenging."

Bobby Murcer's son, Todd Murcer, reflected upon the presentation with the Detroit Tigers:

"My dad always had great passion for the Baseball Assistance Team's mission. I remember him stressing the importance of rallying the current day players to understand and support the cause. I'm really happy his efforts to further that idea were realized while he was still active with B.A.T., and I know how very honored he would be to see his name attached to this annual award.

"I'm sure he would also be smiling to see Jackson and me presenting this year's American League trophy to Brad Ausmus and the Tigers organization. It was special for us to make the presentation, and an additional highlight when my son Jackson got to meet one of his baseball heroes, Miguel Cabrera. Dad would have loved it!"