Now Batting - Leonel Bejarán-Specht

Hello! My name is Leonel Bejaran. I’m originally from Santiago, Dominican Republic. I’m the new Career Transition Specialist based in New York. Previous to taking on this role, I served as Coordinator, Educational and Cultural Programs with the Oakland Athletics. My journey in professional baseball does not start with the A’s though. I played with the DSL Royals from 2014-16 as a middle infielder. After spending two years with the Royals, I was released. Nevertheless, with assistance from my mentor, who also worked for the Royals, I got the opportunity to go to school in the United States. Long story short, I’m a former scholarship and grant recipient of B.A.T. myself and because of B.A.T. I was able to graduate debt free from school and start my career in baseball operations. So, it is a full circle moment for me to be part of B.A.T. and impact other former baseball players’ lives the same way B.A.T. has impacted mine!