B.A.T.'s Mission

The Baseball Assistance Team (B.A.T.) continues to adhere to its mission statement in helping members of the Baseball Family in need. The objective of B.A.T. is to serve as a short-term bridge to help those in need get back on their feet. B.A.T. will do all it can to help if a member of the Baseball Family is in need of medical, financial, and/or psychological assistance. Board of Directors, Hall of Famers along with current and former players speak about the organization:

B.A.T.'s primary focus has been awareness this past year. On February 23, 2016, B.A.T. hosted the 2016 First Pitch for B.A.T. - A Baseball Family Gathering. This inaugural event was designed to help grow the visibility of the organization. It succeeded in uniting the Baseball Family during the spring and educated attendees on the mission of the organization.

Attendees included former and current day players, front office personnel from the Cactus League clubs, umpires, scouts, athletics trainers and baseball media. Since 1986, B.A.T. has awarded more than 3,400 grants and over $32 million to restore health, pride and dignity to members of the Baseball Family in need.

This reception served as an effective reminder that B.A.T. is a resource to those who have served or are currently serving the national pastime. The 2017 First Pitch for B.A.T. will be held in Florida at a location to be determined.