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This 6-year-old coach lost his cool and threw baseballs and bats everywhere after an ejection

The Kalamazoo Growlers of the Northwoods League have a special coach on their bench most of the time. I say "most" of the time because 6-year-old Coach Drake, an honorary coach for the past couple of weeks, finds himself off the bench frequently, getting into verbal dust-ups with the umpires and earning ejections, just like a big league manager does. Only smaller, since he's 6.

His latest tirade went down on Saturday night and made for quite an entertaining video. Be sure to watch it all the way through, because after Drake and the umpire have their confrontation, he storms back to the dugout for supplies and theatrics ensue:

It seems Coach Drake's rise to internet stardom began on July 5, after he pumped up the pitcher and infielders with an emotional show of support:

The mound visit video even had a featured spot on "Good Morning America" -- Coach Drake had officially arrived.

So where did it all go wrong? How did he go from the focused-but-pleasant coach visiting the mound to emptying the dugout equipment onto the field and kicking dirt at the umpire? Maybe the national TV coverage went to his head.

Or maybe there's no correlation. Maybe Coach Drake is just a passionate young man out there on the field, pouring his heart and soul into every second of every Growlers game. That's what you gotta do in order to make it in baseball, after all.

Go get 'em, Coach!