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A definitive guide to the nine ways you can catch a foul ball

So you've got tickets to catch your favorite Major League team in action. Congratulations! There's nothing quite like the sights, sounds and shades of color at the ballpark. 

But wait. You've seen a lot of fans go to a game and come home with a foul ball (or two), and that sounds pretty cool. There's just one problem: You're not sure how best to approach catching one. Should you bring a glove to the park? Go with your barehand? Use a cup?

The options are nigh-endless -- which is why we've created the following guide, breaking down the nine ways you can try to reel in a souvenir and letting you decide which one is right for you. Good luck out there.

A glove

Pros: What better way to catch a baseball than with a piece of equipment specifically designed to catch a baseball; makes it much easier to rob opposing players reaching into the stands


Cons: If you're a kid, none. If you're an adult, please, leave the glove at home.

TWO gloves

Pros: Double your chances for success; distracts from the fact that you're an adult bringing a glove to a game:

Cons: You're still an adult bringing a glove to a game; you either have to carry two gloves around or wear them both like you're Edward Glovehands.

Giant novelty glove

Pros: Improved catch radius; really, who doesn't love giant novelty gloves?

Cons: It's even more embarrassing if you go for a foul ball and come up empty:

Big glove

A net

Pros: The sheer novelty of seeing a fishing net at a baseball game; very little chance the ball will pop out:


Cons: Unwieldy during all the parts of the game in which you're not going for a souvenir; a little like lowering the difficulty setting to "easy."

Your bare hand

Pros: Don't have to schlep anything extra to the ballpark; the satisfaction of knowing that you've embarked on this journey entirely on your own; a surefire round of applause if you make the grab (even from fans of the opposing team):


Cons: In a word: Ow.

A cup

Pros: Significant degree of difficulty bonus; good excuse to chug whatever you're drinking; looks awesome:


Cons: Chances are it will look awesome all over your clothes and the clothes of those around you.

Your hat

Pros: A natural basket sitting right there on your head; when executed properly, it's easily the coolest way to catch a baseball


Cons: Depending on the type of hat you're wearing, things could go very, very wrong (note: police hats, good; well-worn ballcap, not so good):


While holding a baby

Pros: Being able to hand your young child a souvenir; a lifetime of handmade "Parent of the Year" mugs:


Cons: Only able to use one hand; upper body mobility is greatly limited; responsible for the well-being of your child.

A tray of food

Pros: Wider surface area.

Cons: You're definitely going to wind up making a second concession run: