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A-Rod celebrated the end of his 10-day no-carbs, no-sugar diet with an epic feast

You can always count on Alex Rodriguez living his best life, whether it be posing for photos at the Met Gala, investing in aspiring entrepreneurs on Shark Tank, or surprising people who don't realize that he really is Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend. However, a few weeks ago, Rodriguez and his superstar companion J-Lo decided to challenge themselves and a group of friends to try something not so fun: 10 days without sugar or carbs. At all.

And so, they embarked on this journey of a diet, holding off entirely from many of the delicious snacks and foods that even famous people like A-Rod and J-Lo enjoy. But when it all came to an end on Thursday, Rodriguez celebrated to the maximum degree with a feast that hopefully he didn't try to finish on his own:

If all that food doesn't already look like enough, J-Lo seemed to have her own table of delicious treats prepared as well:

After all that, it wouldn't surprise us if these two wanted to do another 10 days before munching on some pizza or fries.