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Alex Rodriguez surprised a woman at a workout class who thought he 'looked like J-Lo's boyfriend'

Business mogul and greatest shortstop of all time Alex Rodriguez was out on the town Wednesday afternoon, and in typical A-Rod fashion, he found time in his busy schedule to swing by a workout class. Since retiring, A-Rod has rocketed up the ladder of American pop culture notoriety thanks to his highly publicized relationship with the one and only Jennifer Lopez.
But on Wednesday afternoon, at that very A-Rod-looking fitness class, the former Yankee's face wasn't quite recognizable enough for the woman sitting across from him in the waiting room. Although she did make the J-Lo connection. Check out the video below:

The whole clip is pretty funny, but the highlight has to be A-Rod looking at a picture of himself and proclaiming "Oh, that guy is handsome." Kind of reminds you of another iconic A-Rod moment, don't ya think?