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An A's fan in a Ramon Laureano jersey made an appropriately slick defensive play on a foul ball

As we've seen time and time again -- and even very recently -- making plays on foul balls in the stands can be tough. There's no guarantee you'll make the catch if one heads your way during a night at the ballpark.

In Wednesday's Red Sox-A's game at the Oakland Coliseum, one fan (clad, quite appropriately, in a Ramon Laureano jersey) had her moment on a bouncing foul ball, and played the ricochet perfectly. Her prize reeled in, she let loose with excitement:

That's some serious excitement, the sort that's normally associated with extreme sugar rushes ... like cotton candy, perhaps!

Cotton candy, foul balls ... they're both available at baseball games and, if good fortune bestows one upon you, it will guarantee you a memorable night out. How you react is up to you.

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