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A's radio broadcaster Roxy Bernstein announced his own catch of a Joey Gallo foul ball

Thanks to the way most ballparks are constructed, the broadcast booth can sometimes be exposed to the elements. This is a good thing for extremely warm-weather games, such as the A's 13-10 win over the Rangers on Tuesday at Globe Life Park in Arlington. 
Sitting in the broadcast hub, the play-by-play teams (and writers in the press box, if applicable) can enjoy the crisp summer air while calling a game. Not a bad gig, right?
It's an even better gig when you get to call your own catch of a foul ball, which A's radio announcer Roxy Bernstein had a chance to do on Tuesday night -- watch the clip atop this post to see it all unfold, and enjoy his excited "I caught it!" from the booth.
After giving the ball to a lucky young Rangers fan close to the press box area, Bernstein then continued calling the game as if nothing happened ... because that's how you do it.