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Jason Kipnis' No. 1 fan was understandably nervous to join him for a postgame interview

It can be hard to play a game on the road. Not only is a player away from his family and his own home, but the energy of an away crowd is most certainly not in favor of him or his team. One would suspect, then, that it would be helpful to know that there's at least one friendly face out there in the stands.
Every time Jason Kipnis and the Indians are in Houston, that is precisely the case. According to the Indians' broadcast, the Fortuna family makes a point to see the Indians every time they visit Minute Maid Park. Their son, is such a vocal Kipnis fan that, over the years, he has earned various signed items from his favorite player. He now counts them as his most important possessions.

On Saturday's trip to watch the Indians play the Astros, he added another signed bat from Kipnis to his collection and even got to join his favorite player on the field for a postgame interview. He was understandably nervous:

Clearly, standing next to your favorite player on a Major League Baseball field is an incredibly exciting experience. This young fan kept his composure and took home yet another souvenir for being such a good fan.