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A young fan tried to get in on the action by throwing a ball onto the field

It's always fun when you go to the ballpark as a kid. You get to watch your favorite team play while consuming fresh air and more cotton candy than any medical professional would recommend. But there's always this feeling that you're missing out. Your favorite players are down on the field having fun hitting, catching, running and throwing. "Wouldn't this all be better if I could play with them?" you ask.
On Wednesday night, a young fan at Citizens Bank Park got involved in the action as the Phillies took on the Giants. After receiving a ball that Brandon Belt hit foul, he threw it back on the field, toward his heroes:

Even the Giants fan who gave him the ball was pumped up by his decision to throw it onto the field, so clearly there was no disrespect to Belt in the act. This fan proved that the atmosphere at the park is always better when the fans get involved.