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A frustrated young Phillies fan missed two foul balls, but the broadcast team made it up to him

The Phillies' Sunday showdown against the Braves at Citizens Bank Park didn't go how they had hoped, as they fell, 10-1. Few fans in attendance, however, had a more frustrating afternoon than a young Phillies fan named Alex.
Alex had a ball thrown to him before the game but decided to give it to his brother, Jason, who was in attendance with him. A noble gesture, to be sure, but Alex had hoped that he would have another opportunity.
Believe it or not, Alex actually had two chances to nab a foul ball during the game, but as he told Phillies reporter Gregg Murphy in the clip above, he missed them both. Alex was understandably frustrated, so he took it out on his glove each time:

We've all been there.
Fortunately for Alex, the story had a happy ending, as Murphy pulled a ball out of his jacket and gave it to him:

That's not only a Citizens Bank Park ball, but one hand-delivered to Alex personally by the Phillies' broadcast team! Nice job all-around by the crew to make sure that Alex's original good deed didn't go unacknowledged.