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Aaron Judge lived up to his promise to homer for a fan who greeted him before the game

In a season of record-setting home runs totals, one name in particular has been oddly absent from most of the daily roll calls: Aaron Judge. The big Yankees slugger has missed over 50 games in 2019, and while 15 homers would be solid for most players, he typically hovers at a higher plateau.

However, the Yankees aren't really worried about Judge. The man has a tendency to come through in big moments and do some truly special things on a baseball field. One such feat occurred at Sunday's Yankees-Dodgers game.

Prior to the contest, Judge met with John Brown, a retired Los Angeles area schoolteacher and the father of Yankees catching coach Jason Brown, who told him that he never missed any of his at-bats. Judge laughed and told him that he would homer for him that night.

Judge had gone deep in each of his past two games at Dodgers Stadium, so perhaps the odds were in his favor, even against a tough opponent like Clayton Kershaw.

Sure enough, it only took him two plate appearances to live up to his word:

Incredible work by Judge, and on a 404-foot no-doubter, to boot.

We've seen time and time again that Judge is the kind of guy who will do just about anything for a loyal fan. I'm willing to bet that these abilities extend beyond the baseball diamond, too.

Short on coins for the parking meter? Judge would lend you some change.

Need a jump for your car? Judge will probably act as your own personal AAA service.

Want some help rehearsing for the big role in your school play? I can't attest to Judge's talent as a musical accompanist, but you know he'd give it his best shot. (Or he'd at least give Bernie Williams a call for you.)

Although Judge's next random act of kindness might still be a mystery at the moment, the next one is almost certainly just around the corner. He has his fans' backs.