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Adam Wainwright talked about how his gardening hobby has expanded to 1,500 acres

Adam Wainwright is clearly a talented individual. In addition to three All-Star Game selections as a pitcher, he has two Gold Gloves and a Silver Slugger Award to his name. Off the field, he has shown his strength as a singer and guitarist.
During Monday night's game against the Brewers, Wainwright revealed yet another talent: He's a committed gardener. Actually, with 1,500 acres and a team tending to everything from soybeans to fruit trees to pecans, calling it "gardening" may undersell it.
As he revealed in the interview, those 1,500 acres came from humble beginnings roaming stores looking for seeds and pots. "When I was hurt in 2011 with Tommy John, I took up gardening," he said. "I just got completely enthralled with it."
In the video above, Wainwright describes gardening as more than a hobby. "I made it part of my life's mission. With this platform I've been given, [that mission] is to feed people and to find people around the world who are hungry."
There's more than fun and warm feelings behind the endeavor. Gardening Wainwright-style is serious business. "I go to sleep at night trying to think ... how I can rearrange my garden strategically so that these roots will work with these roots, this plant will give them some nitrogen and this plant will add some sugar."
Baseball doesn't have a Green Thumb Award, but, if it did, Wainwright would easily add another trophy to his already-packed case.