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Adrian Beltre defied his age once again with an excellent barehanded throw while falling down

The Trade Deadline has been a slightly hectic time for Rangers veteran Adrián Beltré, whose name was brought up in several rumors. He was relieved when he found out that he would indeed be staying with Texas, and he proceeded to go about his everyday business on Tuesday night against the D-backs, just as excellent as always.
It's hard to believe that someone who turned 39 this season can still be this flashy on defense ... even while falling down:

Incredibly, Beltre made a nearly identical play on Monday night with A.J. Pollock at bat:

Plays like these look amazing, but to Beltre, they're just more of the same. "I got lucky," he said to's T.R. Sullivan. "No, those plays aren't hard, but I love to make them."
Beltre's gems didn't surprise Rangers manager Jeff Banister, either. "His legs are feeling good," he said. "A lot of baseball in Beltre, when you see him making plays like that, he's feeling fresh, he's feeling good." 
Water is wet, fire is hot and Beltre is a defensive wizard. At this point, these truths are simply understood.