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After Adrian Beltre went deep, Rougned Odor tried and failed to rub his head

Just as the Trix rabbit is always going after that fruit cereal, or Pinky and the Brain are trying to take over the world, Adrián Beltré's teammates will always try to rub his head. It's simply the way of the world. 
So, when the slugger went deep in the Rangers' 7-4 win against the Twins on Saturday night, it was open season on Beltre when he got back to the dugout. As he made his way through the ring of congratulators and/or decoys, Rougned Odor tried ... and tried ... and tried to rub the third baseman's scalp. But, displaying expert awareness of his head space, Beltre never allowed Odor to get in a clean swipe: 

As Beltre proved when he stole third base -- running his streak of consecutive seasons with exactly one steal to eight straight years -- he's still pretty quick