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Orlando Arcia placed candy in Jesus Aguilar's helmet and Aguilar had no idea

All is fair in love and candy, right? OK, so that's not exactly how the phrase goes, but Orlando Arcia played a bit of a prank on teammate Jesús Aguilar on Saturday using some sweet treats, and he did his best to not burst out laughing.
In the bottom of the fourth inning during the Pirates' 9-1 win over the Brewers, Arcia, or (El Niño, for Players' Weekend) put some candy in El Causa's helmet before his at-bat. And for the most part, Arcia held his composure as he watched:

These gummy candies took the form of some horns -- or antennas, however you want to look at it.
But like the broadcasters say: "Anything goes at Players' Weekend." And we knew the two are close. After all, when Aguilar's belt recently broke and they had to delay a game, he had to use Arcia's as his "lucky one" was getting mended. That means he's fair game, right?