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Somebody pranked Wei-Yin Chen's interpreter with a gum-on-his-cap gag and Tayron Guerrero loved it

Much like the shark in the "Jaws" film series, you never know when a dugout prank will pop up -- but you know it's possible. It's a threat waiting to get you when you least expect it.
Maybe there'll be a giant bubblegum bubble on your cap. Or a halo made out of paper towels. Or, maybe your teammates will just sit back and let you take the field well before the rest of them, for maximum embarrassment. 
Pranks aren't limited to players, though, as Marlins lefty Wei-Yin Chen's interpreter Louis Chao found out the hard way during Tuesday's 8-4 loss to the Brewers in Miami. His prank was of the bubble gum variety, and he didn't seem to have a clue: 

Pitcher Tayron Guerrero did, though:

When it was all finally revealed to Chao, outfielder Lewis Brinson (also proud of the prank) was sure to mug for the camera accordingly: 

It was Marlins utility infielder Yadiel Rivera who orchestrated this prank. It's one he's done before -- but never for a full five innings, like Tuesday's. 
"I got someone else with gum, I don't remember who it was earlier in the season," Rivera told's Joe Frisaro. "I like to have fun."