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After attending a Twins game, this father and son will run 1,700 miles to promote inclusivity

Since 2013, Shaun and Shamus Evans have been running together as father and son. Their first event was a six-hour ultramarathon, during which they completed 45 miles. Since, they have run a 3,000-mile cross-country trip. On that trip, they stopped at the site at which Field of Dreams was filmed as well as White Sox and Mets home games. They complete these runs and races together even though Shaun has to push Shamus in a wheelchair since Shamus has cerebral palsy.
On Wednesday night, Shaun and Shamus attended a Twins game at Target Field before embarking on another long running trip along the Mississippi River from Minneapolis to Louisiana. The trip is designed to raise awareness about inclusivity in endurance sports.
They started the trek off by donating three running wheelchairs to families from the Minneapolis area. During their 2015 run across the country, they donated more than 20 running wheelchairs to families.
If that previous trip is any indication, Wednesday night will not be the last baseball-themed stop on their journey to promote inclusivity in athletics for individuals with disabilities.