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Akeel Morris threw Manny Machado out after a moment of visible indecision

To be a good defensive player, you need to be able to read the ball well off the bat, have the quickness and athleticism to get to it and -- depending on the play -- the arm to make a strong throw. We often forget, though, that many defensive plays also require the player to run a quick cost-benefit analysis.
During Wednesday night's 10-6 win over the Orioles, Angels pitcher Akeel Morris fielded a grounder from Manny Machado and gave us a window into that analysis and decision-making process:

"I'm already at first base, so I should toss it there," Morris likely thought. "No, wait, there was a runner on third and there's only one out, maybe I should throw home and get him. Can't do that, he's already scored. I guess I'll just toss to first and get the sure out."
It took a couple seconds and a full 360-degree turn, but Morris gave an expert class in how to weigh our options, be patient and end up making the right decision.