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Alex Bregman took the brunt of a diving P.J. Tucker at the Rockets game and beer went everywhere

Most of us aren't afforded the luxury of sitting courtside at an NBA game. Those who have the chance know they're closer to the game action than just about everybody else -- which means, of course, they're the ones susceptible to flying basketball players, who sometimes tumble into the stands in pursuit of a loose ball.
Enter Astros star Alex Bregman, who was enjoying Tuesday's Blazers-Rockets game in Houston when Rockets shooting guard P.J. Tucker went all out for a ball and it made a big 'ol mess: 

Bregman had to laugh, which seems like the perfect reaction. It's probably something you don't ever imagine will happen to you ... until it does. 
And yes, you'd best believe Bregman did his patented staredown from his seats: