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Alex Rodriguez compared going to the Oscars to playing his first game

Alex Rodriguez is plenty accustomed to being in the spotlight. He twice signed the biggest contract in baseball history, won three MVP Awards and even won a World Series with the Yankees. He spent the entirety of last season calling Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN and has gone to numerous awards shows and galas with his girlfriend, J-Lo. Surely no stage is too big for A-Rod.
On Sunday, he may have found something that can still make him nervous. On the limo ride over to the Oscars, he confessed to his nerves and even likened the feeling to his first game in the Majors:

His nerves didn't show when he and J-Lo walked down the red carpet and caught up with Ryan Seacrest:

Whether he was nervous or not, the result was undoubtedly an improvement over that MLB debut he referenced when, on July 8, 1994, Rodriguez went 0-for-3 as an 18-year-old with the Mariners. 
Yet, there were still some areas for improvement. Like the time he just sort of wandered away from a photo shoot:

Later on, he settled in and enjoyed his evening out with J-Lo:

It didn't take A-Rod long to figure out Major League pitchers, so it stands to reason that he'll get the hang of this awards show circuit in no time.