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Dancing at J-Lo's birthday party wrecked Alex Rodriguez for an entire day

On Wednesday, Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 50th birthday. If you're like me, that sentence should give you pause. J-Lo can't possibly be 50, can she? If she's 50, that surely means we're all getting super old.

It turns out ... well, yeah, we are all getting old. After wishing his fiancée a happy 50th with a charming video montage of their relationship, Alex Rodriguez really got his celebration game on. To say he put in a spirited effort on the dance floor would be an understatement:

Alas, A-Rod is also not as young and nimble as he once was. Now years removed from playing baseball on a daily basis, he found himself unable to recover from a night of dancing. Meanwhile, his 50-year-old fiancée went about her day like nothing happened.

After spending a sweaty evening of dancing at an outdoor wedding just last weekend, I feel I can relate to A-Rod's pain. Even highly-accomplished professional athletes can get wrecked by a night of hard dancing. Keep that in mind next time you wake up in pain from a spirited night out. As A-Rod so aptly mused, "Does it suck to get old, or what?"