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Alex Rodriguez wished J-Lo a very happy 50th birthday with an adorable relationship montage

In their more than two years together, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have established themselves as America's most impossibly perfect pair. They don't just give each other gifts -- they give each other one-on-one interviews with Joanna Gaines. They don't just propose -- they propose on the beach, at sunset, while wearing a World Series ring. (And, most importantly, they understand that sometimes love means letting your partner shine.)

Wednesday offered yet another opportunity for them to put on a relationship clinic: It's J-Lo's 50th birthday. So of course A-Rod didn't celebrate with a mere dinner or piece of jewelry. No, he edited together a full montage of their best moments together, then posted it on Instagram:

The voiceover! The Billy Joel! If you're crying, don't feel badly -- Lopez is too: