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Jimmy Fallon convinced MLB All-Stars to say a whole bunch of really weird things during interviews

Professional athletes do a ton of interviews, and most of them are pretty similar -- a sea of questions about how their teams are playing, what they're working on in their games and what they're thinking about various trade rumors. Most of the time, these questions receive rote, rehearsed responses players have delivered hundreds of times before.

But there's a reason reporters keep asking these same questions: Sometimes, you actually get a unique answer or a quote that pops. During All-Star festivities last week, a handful of players responded to the usual routine questions by dropping some juicy or just plain bizarre phrases. It turns out that we have Jimmy Fallon to thank:

Perhaps even more amusing than the players dropping these weird lines in the normal flow of interviews is how everyone just goes right along with it. Christian Yelich was out there talking about turtles doing jumping jacks ... and Jim Thome ate it up! Justin Verlander randomly brought up "Fever Pitch" at the All-Star Red Carpet ... and Harold Reynolds carried on like it made any sense.

Gleyber Torres just started talking about milkmen and steaks when he was asked about DJ LeMahieu and no one batted an eye.

Alex Bregman put it best: Sometimes you gotta dance with the pants you wore to prom.