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Chase Utley has reached 200 HBPs, so here's a handy infographic tracking the places he's been hit

During his 16-year career, Chase Utley has 259 home runs, 1,860 hits, 1,088 runs, 154 steals and six All-Star game appearances. He has one World Series ring. He has exactly one dab in Dubai.
But his most important stat, in our eyes, is his ability to get hit by pitches. And during Tuesday's Dodgers-Padres game, the 39-year-old reached the magical 200th mark by getting tagged in his favorite spot: The shoulder.

It's the most among any active player and eighth on the all-time list. Utley, in typical Utley fashion, once told the L.A. Times regarding getting hit, "Do I like it? I mean, I don't dislike it."
In honor of the second baseman taking one for the team so many times and reaching a major milestone, we present to you the Chase Utley HBP Infographic below. Well, it's more of a HBP body chart than anything else. (The most recent shoulder hit is not in here, but will be soon)

Infographic via Jenny Goldstick and Gemma Kaneko /
And here's what that looks like Statcast-wise:

Since we only started collecting data on hit-by-pitches in 2008, the red dots represent just 152 of Utley's 200 body-meeting-baseball moments. As you can see, he was hit in the shoulder the most times (44) and torso second-most (28). Next is thigh (22), followed by foot (19), knee (16), hand/wrist (8), shin (5) and head (2). He was also hit nine times in postseason play -- including during last year's World Series:

Tim Hudson has hit Utley the most times (7), Oliver Pérez and Johnny Cueto are tied for second (4) and Matt Harvey is in a six-way tie for third with three times. Mets and Philies fans may remember one in particular. The seven players ahead of Utley on the all-time list are as follows: Hughie Jennings (287), Craig Biggio (285), Tommy Tucker (272), Don Baylor (267), Jason Kendall (254), Ron Hunt (243) and Dan McGann (230). Will Utley play 10 more years and pass all of them?
Maybe. Only Utley knows for sure.

Other interesting HBP facts
-- Jennings, who played mostly during the 19th century, has the most HBPs in a season with 51 in 1896. He led the league in the category for five years in a row. Utley led the NL for three years in a row from 2007-09.
-- Seven players -- Brady Anderson, Brandon Moss, Willard Schmidt, Frank J. Thomas, Andres Galarraga, Jose Guillen and David DeJesus -- were hit twice in one inning.
-- Last season, Josh Harrison became the first player to be hit in four straight plate appearances. He was also hit in nearly the same exact spot all four times.

-- Mark Lemke had the longest career (10 years, 3,664 plate appearances) without getting hit by a pitch.
-- Former Phillie Fred Van Dusen is the only MLBer to get hit in his one and only plate appearance and also never play the field. He was hit on the knee as a pinch-hitter, the game ended with him on base, he was sent to the Minors the next day and he was never called up again.
-- Pitching-wise, Gus Weyhing hit the most batters with 277 during his 14-year career. Walter Johnson (205), Randy Johnson (190) and knuckleballers Tim Wakefield (186) and Charlie Hough (174) are also in the top 10 all-time. Phil Knell set a single-season mark by nailing 54 in 1891. Although he's still a free agent, John Lackey is the active leader with 133 hit batsmen -- leading the league with 19 in 2011.

-- Washington's General Crowder went the longest (327.0 IP) during a season without hitting a batter in 1932. He led the league in wins (26), games started (39) and hits (319) that year. Sandy Koufax is second with zero batters hit during his 323-inning, Cy Young award-winning 1966 season. He also recorded his lowest ERA (1.73) and most complete games (27).