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No glove, no worries: Jhoulys Chacin and C.J. Cron team up for slick double-barehanded putout

Gloves? Who needs gloves?
Just this past weekend, the Orioles' T.J. McFarland and Chris Davis joined forces for an impeccably-executed double-barehand play to make a 1-3 putout at first base. That may have seemed like a rare play, but it's already happened again just two days later.
In Tuesday's 5-4 win by the Angels over the Twins at Angel Stadium, right-hander Jhoulys Chacin and first baseman C.J. Cron played the roles previously filled by McFarland and Davis, respectively, on a bunt attempt by Byron Buxton. You see, Buxton is quite fleet of foot so there was absolutely no time to use gloves or any other tools usually instrumental in defense: 

As Chacin told's Alden Gonzalez after the game, he couldn't remember being involved in a play like that before: 
"Not that I remember. It was a really good play. I think it was a better play for C.J., to catch the ball like that because he was going towards the base. He's fast, so I got it with my barehand. I couldn't flip it, so I just threw it, and C.J. made a really good play."
And he was impressed with Cron's decision to barehand the toss as well:
"I was surprised for him. I was just trying to catch the ball first and then throw it. That was a great play for him."
To recap, that's two double-barehand defensive plays in a few days now. If this keeps up, we'll see plenty more of these fantastic glove-less efforts as the summer rolls along.