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A 1925 Yankees sweater worn by Wally Pipp was featured on the 'Antiques Roadshow' season premiere

The eyes of the sports world were fastened on the College Football National Championship Game on Monday, but fans who happened to be watching (or recording) the season premiere of "Antiques Roadshow" were in for an extra treat. The last featured item of the night was a vintage 1925 Yankees sweater, with accompanying cleats:

The combination, which was worn by Lou Gehrig's famous predecessor at first base, Wally Pipp, was appraised at $77,500 -- well worth the price for fashion excellence. Just ask the Babe:

That's how you roll into the speakeasy with style.
Now, the real question must be asked: Could Adam Ottavinostrike Ruth out if he was looking that good while at the plate? It might be too distracting.
Either way, we need to see Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton bring back this look in 2019. It's what the people demand.