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Miguel Cabrera showed up to a workout with all his gear in a shopping bag

Anybody who's played competitive travel baseball or softball knows that having a top-notch bag is a total gamechanger. Whether you've got the throwback Little League style over-the-shoulder one, a simple duffel or one of those hot-shot backpacks with the bats sticking up on either end, using a reliable bag for your dirty and sweaty gear is a must.
You'd think that a ballplayer as experienced and as legendary as Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera would be well versed in the ways of the baseball bag. But the future Hall of Famer showed up to a workout with Salvador Perez and Gerardo Parra Friday morning carrying all of his baseball gear in a Sephora shopping bag.

So much kudos to Miggy for having the confidence to roll up to this workout like the person on your softball team who came straight from the office and has their glove and cleats crammed into a plastic grocery bag or something. It's honestly a pretty relatable move -- even multimillionare MVPs will grab the most convenient receptacle nearby when they're leaving the house in a hurry.
Cabrera has been a hugely influential figure in the game his whole career, so perhaps we'll start to see more players packing their stuff in leftover shopping bags that are just lying around the house.