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Miguel Cabrera and Odúbel Herrera's group workouts are the best

Baseball players tend to be very particular about their offseason workouts. Some will hole themselves up in gyms they've put together in their garage and grind out lifts until the snow thaws.
Others, like Tigers' superstar Miguel Cabrera and Phillies' energizer bunny Odúbel Herrera, see their offseason workouts as a social opportunity as well. The two friends played for Team Venezuela together during the 2017 WBC, but because they play in different leagues, they don't get too much time to hang during the season. 

But these two buddies, alongside fellow countryman and longtime Royals shortstop Alcides Escobar, have been making up for lost time by working out together almost every single morning of the offseason so far.

If you check out Cabrera, Herrera or Escobar's Instagram's on any given morning, you're sure to see wonderful workout footage of some kind. There's usually a lot of sled pulling involved.

And a fair share of ladder drills.

From time to time, they'll post amazing videos on their Instagram stories of everyone kicking the soccer ball around. Here's one featuring Herrera attempting -- emphasis on attempting -- a bicycle kick.

While Herrera's soccer skills definitely need a full offseason of practice, his hair is already in midseason form and it looks like he dyed a few of his trademark dreadlocks Phillies red.