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These photos are almost too spectacular to be real

Humans are constantly searching for paradise, despite all this evidence that it isn't attainable. We've sought it on the frontier, on Caribbean beaches, in outer space only to constantly reaffirm that it's not real or possible.

But, let's forget all that for a minute. Set aside centuries of evidence that the very concept of paradise contains its downfall within it. Instead, just look at these photos of Appalachian State University's ballpark, nestled in among the fall foliage in the mountains of North Carolina. Get lost in the miles of trees, stretching over rolling hills and mountains. And, right in the middle of all that is the greenest baseball field you've ever seen. Tell me this doesn't look like paradise.

These photos must be fake, right? That field is too green to occur in the real world. The way the sun illuminates the hues of the trees can only exist in a painting or studio of some sort. It's the best fall foliage I've ever seen. These must be architectural renderings, created to represent a design that everyone will want to sign off on even though nothing could ever look that good in reality.

Somehow, these aren't renderings. These are real pictures taken of a real place from a real drone. As for the field, it's turf. So, that explains how it can be so green, although it may also eliminate it from paradise contention if you're not into that kind of thing. As for the views, well sometimes you just have to accept what you're seeing.

These are real photos and this is a real place. This could be a paradise. Just look at it: There can't be forbidden fruit here or an evil force lurking beneath the surface. If I ever find myself here, I'm not sure I'd ever leave. I'd just set up a tent at home plate and stare out at the mountains as long as the sun is up.