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Archie Bradley's dog, Crash, watched him pitch against the Giants on Friday

Archie Bradley was recently reunited with his dog, Crash, after he ran away thanks to the assistance of hardcore D-backs fans and social media. Since then, a lot of people have become very familiar with the adorable canine, and Crash got to do something really cool for his best friend on Friday night.

In the top of the eighth inning of the D-backs' 6-3 win over the Giants, Crash got to watch his owner pitch and even watched him strike out Nick Hundley in the process:


As it turns out, Bradley and his BFF prior to game time, met with the group of people who actually found Crash and brought him home:

The broadcasters were sure this was the first time in Major League history this has ever been done -- and that's kind of sad because this is absolutely wonderful.

Either way, Bradley is thankful to have his dog back.