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'Judge Orbit' laid down some zinger verdicts on the Yankees before the Astros game

The Astros' mascot, Orbit, had a little fun with the Yankees prior to their Wednesday night game against the Astros. Since Aaron Judge has his own "Judge's Chambers" at Yankee Stadium, Orbit found robes of his own and made rulings on a few Yankees players.
Enlisting the support of the Minute Maid Park crowd, Orbit posted a charge and entrusted the fans to rule guilty or not guility. So, how'd he do?
Didi Gregorius

Gregorius might have laughed at the guilty verdict about having gorgeous eyelashes, but we can't really blame Orbit for this.
See Exhibit A:

Case closed.
Giancarlo Stanton

This ruling seems a little more suspect. Could Stanton really not be guilty of being ridiculously handsome?

Yeah, this seems like a mistrial to us.
Brett Gardner

It's not the craziest idea. Gardner can be a pretty happy guy:

On the other hand, Gardner has also not hesitated to show his frustration when things aren't going well:

So, Orbit's right -- Gardner isn't always happy.
Aaron Judge

Okay, yeah, that's alarmingly good. Don't let Buzz and Woody near Judge, just to be safe.