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Two Astros outfielders bobbled the same slippery fly ball twice on a single play

No one really had any expectations of anything strange afoot when Luke Voit lifted a fly ball to right-center field on Saturday night against the Astros. It didn't appear as though there would a miscommunication, a collision or anything like that.

The funny thing about a baseball is that it can sometimes seem to have a mind of its own. When center fielder Jake Marisnick bobbled the catch, it was strange. But when Josh Reddick picked up the ball and immediately lost the grip on it himself, it was downright bizarre.

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“No.” -this baseball

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What in the heck happened to that baseball as it flew into and out of the Bronx night? Was the atmosphere briefly soaked with a coat of butter? Did it somehow get slathered with Wile E. Coyote's Acme axle grease? It's unclear, but one of these must be the only possible explanation.

Voit reached second, and both Marisnick and Reddick were charged with errors on the play, though Wade Miley escaped further trouble by quickly inducing an out from Giancarlo Stanton. Miley will also probably be offering to open pickle jars for Marisnick and Reddick in the immediate future, just to be safe.