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You haven't seen the peak of 'Baby Shark' until you see all of Nationals Park doing it for Gerardo Parra

The first time I heard the Baby Shark song must have been at least 15 years ago at summer camp. It was goofy and fun and I forgot all about it within a few months.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere within the past year, the Baby Shark Challenge went viral. The momentum has been unstoppable, even in baseball. It raided D-backs Spring Training. The Rangers' Elvis Andrus chose it as his at-bat music, and Gerardo Parra has followed suit -- much to the delight of his home fans at Nationals Park.

Parra has hit a superb .357 in 18 games since switching to Baby Shark on June 19, and his pinch-hit appearances have become well-anticipated events in D.C. for reasons beyond his play. Just watch the entire ballpark (and home dugout) come to its feet to do the Baby Shark on Tuesday night:

Unbelievable. The cherry on top is the scoreboard animation of the three mini-Parras doing the dance as well. It may be an earworm, but it sure beats The Wave.

Oh, and Parra joined in on the fun of the Nationals' 11-1 blowout win by smacking a two-run single in his cameo.

The Baby Shark craze isn't going anywhere, and evidently, neither is Parra's hot hitting.